Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tasty Support for the POAC walk this weekend

Looking forward to this weekend….we are very excited to kick off the 2011 season by offering our support to the local POAC Walk.  Like last year we are getting ready to attend the walk this weekend with free samples of our all natural Italian ice for the walkers and other supporters.  We look forward to these events as it gives us a chance to lend our product and our passion to a worthy cause. 
Thankfully this opportunity gives us something enjoyable in a period of work and business related stresses.  As with any business, it is work and stress.  We have a lot to do to prepare inventory, plan promotions and identify budgets (the budget that is the really fun part..lol) 

We are constantly reminded that this industry (manufacturer of grocery items)is not for the faint of heart.  It is a tough and often very ambiguous industry.  The powers that be (those who distribute and retail your product ) they generally like, small local brands with niche consumer focus, but often would like you to run promotions like the large national brands.  Brands a small local natural producer like us could never compete with.  It is tough to grow when you are a small brand.
Anyway, we will keep pushing forward as we strive to make the world a tastier place one Italian Ice at a time.  Keep your fingers crossed for great weather this weekend and a wonderful turnout for the POAC walk.  To learn more about POAC please visit http://www.poac.net

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