Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Scoop on Napoli Boys

Well, here it is our first blog.  We are blessed to have a wonderful fan base and felt that it was time to get out here and share a bit about ourselves, what we love, why we love it.  Through this blog we plan to share some interesting (hopefully sometimes, useful information) and along the way make new friends
We love, among many other things, great food.  We created our all natural Italian ice, in our ice cream store in Belford NJ.  Since 1999 we have been crafting homemade ice cream and Italian ice and selling in up and down the Jersey Shore.  We saw a need in the marketplace for a NY style Italian ice that is made from all natural fruit without all of the yucky stuff.   So we decided to create really cool (pun intended) pints of our ice and offer them through really cool (again -pun intended) retail outlets like Whole Foods . 
A lot of people ask about our name, so here is the scoop (get it scoop..ah yes.. we are on a roll with the puns today).  The Napoli Boys (that is Napoli Boys, not Napoli Brothers as we are sometimes referred to) name came from the owner Michael, whose father used to belong to a “club” in the Bronx, back in the 50s, called(…drumroll….) “The Napoli Boys”.  Michael thought the name was catchy and a good way to honor his father’s youthful days, so he named his first Ice Cream store “Napoli Boys”.  The name stuck and three stores latter it became a favorite on the Jersey Shore. 
As it turns out, the Napoli Boys today are not boys at all.  We are a husband and wife team surrounded by a few great employees, family and friends, and of course a wonderfully loyal fan base (with great taste- we might add).  We have recently blessed with a baby boy so now the team has grown by one.  We plan to teach him everything we know about creating great food, in case he decides to follow in his father’s passion.
Speaking of passion, Michael the owner has over 20 years experience as a culinary expert.  He has poured his soul into this product and takes great pride in the positive feedback people have shared over the years.  If you want to hook up with us and keep in touch please “friend us” on Facebook at or on twitter at, then there is always our wonderful website
As we move into another great summer season we plan to post tid- bits regarding our journey and information that we hope you will find as useful and enjoyable as our product.  Most of all we hope to hear from you as well, please feel free to reach out to us with suggestions or product reviews.  
We really look forward to your feedback as we work to make the world a cooler and tastier place!
The Napoli Boys


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