Monday, March 7, 2011

Ok so here we are March 7, 2011 and spring is just around the corner. Woo-hoooo! Good-bye winter, see ya later snow!
 I’m extra excited about this upcoming season, because we are starting production of our new inventory.  It is going to be great! I wish it were in the freezer already. 

We made some great improvements to the packaging so we can’t wait to get it on shelf.  We have enhanced the colors on the pints, added a safety seal and made the product highlights easier to find.  Information like, Gluten and dairy free, Vegan and cholesterol free are now on the front and side of the package so it is easy for consumers to find what is important to them.  We have also upgraded to Kof-K kosher, so now people who look for Kof-K Kosher foods can enjoy our product as well.  
We are also adding a bunch of new locations to the list…but I can’t share the scoop on those yet as we are still negotiating space.  For now you can always find us online and in the Whole Foods stores in the North East.  More to come very...very ...soon

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