Friday, May 20, 2011

Off to a slow start this season or as far as the weather goes

Here in NJ it has been cold, wet and gray for many recent days.  Not something to complain about when you consider the flooding, hurricane and earth quake tragedies of the recent past for many countries.  Overall the weather has been very outspoken to say the least.

Sales of Italian Ice and Ice Cream are very affected by the weather, as you can imagine. When the weather is a tough go, you would think that people would stick to warmer comfort foods like soup, stews and pies.  For the most part this seems to be true when considering Ice Cream parlors, you know the neighborhood ice cream shop you love to go to during the warmer months but rarely visit during the colder weather.

Interestingly, grocery store frozen desserts seem to maintain a steady sales ratio throughout the winter months, during a typical winter.  My guess is that people like to “get happy” and treat themselves, to the warmer weather treats they love, on hand at home. 

Reaching into the freezer and relaxing with a bowl of your favorite summer dish, provides a much needed break from the weather outside, allowing people to bask in the delights of the warmer weather, right from the comfort and warmth of their home.

So in the short term, while we wait this weather out stock up on your favorite frozen dessert and enjoy.